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Megaprime performs audits & capability assessments of.

◊     IT Governance and Management
◊     Information Systems
◊     Information Security Compliance Audits
◊     Information Security Configuration Audits
◊     Information Security Capability Assessments
◊     IT Infrastructure Audits

IT Governance and Management

Megaprime audits & capability assessments of IT governance and management reveal how well your organization governs and managers its investment in IT.

Information System Audits

Megaprime information systems audits reveal how well your information systems and services satisfy your business requirements for availability integrity and confidentiality, the cost-efficiency of your information system processes and operations and confirmation of their reliability, effectiveness and compliance.

Information Security Compliance Audits

Megaprime will audit your information security environment and establish your organizationís degree of compliance with internal policies or external standards such as ISO/IEC 17799 (ISO/IEC 27002), ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 21827 or AS 8018 (BS 15000).  Compliance audits reveal the gap between your organization's operational procedures and those prescribed by the organizations policy and standards.  Megaprime can translate the findings of a compliance audit into a program of information security projects and manage each project throughout its lifecycle.

Information Security Configuration Audits

Megaprime will audit the security configurations of your applications and operating systems and establish the extent to which they satisfy the recommendations of security and industry authorities.  We apply a variety of tools and methods to establish the quality levels of the security configurations of SQL2000, ORACLE, IIS, Apache, Windows O/S, IOS, Solaris, AIX, SSL/TLS, IPSec, etc.  Megaprime will identify and recommend security configurations and security configuration tools that are appropriate for your organization.

Information Security Capability Assessments

Megaprime will assess your organizations ability to manage its information security environment and establish the gap between current and intended information security management capability.  Information security capability assessments may be done using the System Security Engineering - Capability Maturity Model, ISO/IEC 21827 as a reference standard or guideline.  The results of an information security capability assessment provide the basis for information security process improvement.

IT Infrastructure Audits

Megaprime will audit your organizations IT infrastructure and establish your inventory of IT infrastructure items, their configurations and the applications and information that the IT infrastructure supports.  Regular IT infrastructure audits are necessary to assure effective configuration control.  Megaprime will help you establish a configuration management process that satisfies the recommendations and requirements of ISO/IEC 17799 (ISO/IEC 27002), ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 21827 and BS 15000.

We can help your organization to audit and assess the quality and capability of its IT governance and management, information systems and information security. Ask us how.

IT governance management strategy information security

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