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Megaprime deliver standards-based IT governance architectures and systems that reflect recommended best practises and integrate with the corporate governance framework.

Our IT governance architectures and systems include:

◊     Accountability frameworks
◊     Decision making structures
◊     Alignment processes
◊     Communications approaches

 Our designs and implementations enable:

◊     Strategic alignment of the business and IT strategies
◊     Optimal value delivery by IT services
◊     Effective and efficient management of IT resources
◊     Effective and efficient management of IT risk
◊     Accurate measurement of IT service performance

We work with board members, executive managers and operational managers to establish a 4-tier IT governance structure that ensures important IT decisions are made, operationalized and monitored by appropriately qualified personnel.

Our IT governance systems implement a five-step strategic IT management process that ensures business strategy drives IT strategy and that IT expenditure is both dedicated to support business activity and optimized to do so using the methods of IT portfolio management.  Our strategic IT management process produces a business-aligned IT strategy that transforms the “as-is” enterprise architecture into its “to-be” form and is integrated with the organization’s annual planning and budgeting processes.

Megaprime can help your organization to gain its IT governance objectives and improve the value proposition of your IT function. Ask us how.

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IT governance management strategy information security

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